COVID-19 Polyclinic for Private Hospital

  • Purpose Of Usage : Polyclinic
  • Building Model : Portable Cabin
  • Number Of Buildings : 6 Units
  • Total Area : 84 m²
  • Project Year : 2020
  • Region To Be Used : Paris, France
  • Completion Time : 1 Day
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Karmod Installs COVID-19 Polyclinic for Private Hospital in Paris in One Day

As the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, the global impact of this virus was difficult to predict despite initial warnings from the World Health Organization. The virus quickly spread from China to various parts of the world, leading to numerous fatalities, particularly among the elderly population. The world declared a pandemic in response, exposing the unpreparedness of even the most advanced healthcare systems to counter this formidable threat.

The pandemic revealed critical deficiencies, including shortages of medical personnel, intubation ventilators, and intensive care capabilities. Amid these challenges, health infrastructure struggled to cope with the surge in cases. A pivotal component missing in the battle against COVID-19 was the absence of dedicated testing facilities to diagnose the illness.

Addressing this urgent need, Karmod manufactured container units to swiftly provide practical health building solutions. Notable among these endeavors is the COVID-19 private polyclinic installed within the premises of Sud Francilien State Hospital in Paris.

This functional facility, capable of simultaneously conducting tests for up to 5 patients, was promptly prepared for service by our dedicated team in France. In just one day, the COVID-19 polyclinic building was readied for use and handed over to the France Ministry of Health. This initiative afforded healthcare professionals a secure environment in which to work and serve. Suspected patients, displaying symptoms of the illness, were channeled to this specialized polyclinic, allowing them to undergo testing without coming into contact with other hospital areas.

Within this private polyclinic, healthcare providers administered tests under rigorous precautions, donning specialized personal protective equipment to mitigate COVID-19 risks. Patients entering this secure structure situated within the hospital garden were directed to designated health cabins, where samples for COVID-19 testing were collected using specialized swabs. Collected samples were then securely transported to labs for processing, adhering to strict safety measures.

A Beacon of Safety in Pandemic Times

The robust and rapidly deployable prefabricated structure system of Karmod's portable cabin emerged as a beacon of hope during pandemic-induced health crises. Its swift installation and secure environment addressed urgent healthcare facility requirements, making it a pivotal resource in the fight against COVID-19.

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