Portable House with Wooden Cladding

  • Purpose Of Usage : Portable House
  • Building Model : Portable Cabin
  • Number Of Buildings : 1 Unit
  • Total Area : 36 m²
  • Project Year : 2018
  • Region To Be Used : Switzerland
  • Completion Time : 11 Days
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Innovative Design with Karmod's Portable Cabin

This exceptional project showcases the boundless possibilities of contemporary housing design with Karmod International's portable cabin model. Designed to accommodate diverse coating applications, Karmod International's modern concept container opens doors to a myriad of possibilities in modern housing design.

Embracing the Nature House Concept

Karmod International's portable cabin epitomizes the essence of the nature house concept, as demonstrated in this project. The construction commenced with the production of two distinct container units, measuring 3x7 and 3x5 meters respectively. Arranged in an L-plan configuration, these units seamlessly merged to form a charming 36 square meter abode. What truly sets this container house apart is the meticulous attention to detail in its transformation. Standard high-insulated sandwich panel systems, 5 cm thick, adorned the walls, providing optimal insulation. The interior was meticulously finished with plasterboard and painted to the client's specifications, while the exterior was clad in wood, imparting a natural aesthetic that harmonizes effortlessly with the surrounding greenery. Nestled in a locale near the Swiss Alps, the house boasts breathtaking views that seamlessly integrate with the surrounding natural landscape.

Elevated Comfort with Portable Homes

Karmod International's portable homes feature a robust sandwich panel system, spanning from wall to roof. With wall thickness ranging from 50 mm to 125 mm on the roof, these homes offer unparalleled insulation and structural integrity, capable of withstanding heavy snow loads. Rock wool insulation further enhances fire safety measures, ensuring peace of mind for residents.

Year-Round Comfort in Sub-Zero Climates

Switzerland's mountainous regions experience harsh winters with temperatures dipping below freezing, while summers offer mild temperatures rarely exceeding 25 degrees Celsius. Karmod International's portable homes, equipped with a complete sandwich panel system, provide warmth even in the most frigid climates. Air conditioning units, operating at minimal settings, ensure a comfortable environment during summer months, while stove heating offers a reliable solution in areas without electrical access. The insulated sandwich panel system maintains interior coolness during sweltering summers, guaranteeing year-round comfort and happiness for residents living amidst nature's splendor.

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