EREA Simone Veil School

  • Purpose Of Usage : High School
  • Building Model : Portable Cabin
  • Number Of Buildings : 16 Classrooms
  • Total Area : 1.127 m²
  • Project Year : 2018
  • Region To Be Used : Amily, France
  • Completion Time : 40 Days
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Karmod Delivers 10-Classroom EREA Simone Veil School Building in Amilly, France

Responding swiftly to the urgent need, Karmod accomplished the construction of a 10-classroom school building for EREA Simone Veil in the city of Amilly, France, within an impressive timeframe of 40 days.

The former school building had suffered irreparable damage due to a devastating flood caused by heavy rainfall in May. Promptly addressing the situation, educational authorities collaborated with Karmod to devise a rapid solution. In an agreement to reconstruct the school building promptly, Karmod initiated the pre-production phase at its facilities in Istanbul, Orhanli, completing the 1127 square meters building within a mere 17 days. This feat was achieved through efficient planning and swift execution.

Transporting Innovation: A Multitude of Buildings in a Single Journey

Transporting the future of education, Karmod efficiently loaded 10 of these innovative buildings onto a single semi-trailer truck. With a total of 12 semi-trailer trucks dispatched, the journey from Istanbul to France commenced.

The Power of Collaboration: A Timely Completion

Upon reaching the destination, Karmod's dedicated erection crew seamlessly assembled the building, ensuring it was ready for use in just 40 days. This remarkable accomplishment paved the way for the commencement of the new academic year in a modern and welcoming environment, offering students a surprising and delightful beginning to their educational journey.

Sustainable Solutions: A Future-Ready Design

Initially designed for a five-year usage plan, the school's architecture, characterized by the new-generation container model produced by Karmod, was met with awe and appreciation. The school's aesthetic appeal and quality construction prompted the education authorities to consider the building for many years of educational service, a testament to Karmod's commitment to excellence.

10-Classroom Excellence: Design and Functionality

The EREA Simone Veil School, catering to 200 students, stands as a testament to innovation, comprising 82 portable cabin units with a height of 3 meters each. In addition to the 10 classrooms, the school features specialized spaces such as a technology class, computer class, visual arts workshop, lab, music activity workshop, and library. Ancillary areas including a canteen, storage rooms, gender-specific student restrooms, and a facility for differently-abled individuals contribute to the comprehensive nature of the design.

Durable and Efficient: Quality in Every Detail

The school's structural integrity is ensured through steel system roofing and ceiling flooring. Employing fireproof rock wool materials, the roof and wall panels provide remarkable insulation. The modern aesthetic is complemented by automatic blinds for all double-glazed windows, offering both functionality and elegance. The EREA Simone Veil School represents a harmonious blend of innovation, efficiency, and design excellence in the realm of educational infrastructure.

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