Flixbus Ticket Sales Booth

  • Purpose Of Usage : Flixbus Ticket Booth
  • Building Model : GRP Kiosk
  • Number Of Buildings : 1 Block
  • Total Area : 5,8 m²
  • Project Year : 2017
  • Region To Be Used : Paris, France
  • Completion Time : 2 Days
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Karmod International has manufactured ticket sales booths tailored for Flixbus, a prominent intercity bus service provider in Europe. The modular cabins, initially produced in a batch and shipped to France, are now operational at Flixbus ticket sales points in Paris.

Designed with the polyester cabin model, this ticket sales booth offers Flixbus a novel approach to connect with customers across its extensive network of a thousand points in 20 European countries. The versatility of these ticket cabins allows for practical placement in city squares, enabling swift deployment to enhance services in various countries.

The GRP kiosk by Karmod International not only provides a functional ticketing solution but also serves as a canvas for corporate identity expression. Featuring a smooth glossy surface, the 215x270 cm kiosk model chosen for Flixbus is aesthetically transformed with corporate colors and advertisements, presenting a stylish and branded appearance.

Innovative features enhance the functionality and security of the ticket kiosk cabin. Special shutters with dampers are applied to the sales window and smaller windows on the sides, facilitating smooth operations and ensuring building security. A unique carrying tool specific to Karmod International structures simplifies forklift unloading transfers, streamlining product displacement and ensuring proper placement. To facilitate night work, two lighting fixtures are strategically placed on the front facade.

Karmod International's track record includes producing ticket booths for prestigious entities like Manchester United and Paris Saint Germain football clubs. The ongoing collaboration involves the production of ticket booths for Flixbus, a company that daily transports passengers to 100 thousand stations, serving at a thousand points across 20 European countries. The initial batch of these ticket sales booths is already in operation in Paris, with plans for further deployment at numerous stations in the company's extensive service network.

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