School from Container Classrooms

  • Purpose Of Usage : Faculty of Chemistry Additional Service Training
  • Building Model : Portable Cabin
  • Number Of Buildings : 6 Units (3x9 Sizes)
  • Total Area : 162 m²
  • Project Year : 2020
  • Region To Be Used : France, Paris
  • Completion Time : 15 Days
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We've Successfully Concluded Our Third School Construction Project in France

Our latest accomplishment involves the completion of an additional academic facility for the Chemistry Faculty at École Normale Supérieure, an esteemed educational institution in France with a rich history. This notable institution has been providing higher education in France for a significant period.

Our commitment to swiftly erect robust structures with a focus on long-term stability and security has garnered consistent interest in educational projects across France. We've previously achieved the successful construction of two educational buildings within the country.

Our most recent endeavor involved the establishment of a brand-new school edifice for ENSCR University, a venerable institution with nearly a century of educational legacy, situated in the vibrant city of Paris. Our innovative Next Generation Container building model was employed in crafting this academic facility, dedicated to meeting the classroom requirements of the university's esteemed Chemistry Engineering Faculty. A modular construction spanning two stories, this project represents the third school building we've delivered in France under the banner of Karmod.

Completing a 6-Classroom School Structure in Just 15 Days

The supplementary edifice for the Chemistry Faculty was artfully constructed through our cutting-edge container building system. Assembled in Turkey as fully demountable units, each measuring 3x9 meters, these components were then transported to the designated location via road. The resulting two-story structure encompasses multiple classrooms, boasting a total area of 162 square meters. Our team accomplished this impressive feat within a mere 15-day timeframe, ensuring its swift readiness for educational purposes.

Every element utilized in this project was sourced and dispatched from Turkey, in line with our commitment to maintaining quality control and consistency. From motorized shutters to lighting fixtures, all components were carefully selected to contribute to the project's success. Our advanced container structures, featuring comprehensive sandwich panel walls and roofing systems, offer exceptional insulation against heat and sound. This versatility has led to their widespread adoption across various sectors, including residential, commercial, healthcare, and educational domains. Employing the advantages of our new-generation system, our structures are expertly bolted and assembled, leveraging a demountable package approach that expedites on-site construction and commissioning. Our educational buildings, celebrated for their sustainable use of recyclable materials, enduring construction principles, and rapid deployment capabilities, remain a preferred choice.

A Legacy of Noteworthy Constructions

Our inaugural school construction within the country was the Simon Veil School building located in Amilly. In a remarkable turnaround, we completed this new facility, featuring 10 classrooms catering to 200 students, within a record 40-day period. This initiative was born out of necessity after the previous structure became unusable due to flooding. Encompassing an impressive area of 1147 m², the school offers not only classrooms but also specialized spaces including technology and computer workshops, music and visual arts studios, a library, and administrative offices.

Another standout contribution to French education was the Leonardo da Vinci High School building, constructed earlier in the city of Amboise. This establishment, realized through our innovative assembled portable cabin model, adds to our track record of impactful educational infrastructure.

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